Kill Shot Bravo Hints To Get On Top Of The Leaderboard

Kill Shot Bravo has been touted as the largest launch from Hothead Games up to now. Featuring immersive images and intuitive controls, larger-than-life experience is offered by the game to the fans of FPS games.

Breathless though Pleasure-filled Storyline

As an assassin sniper, you might be required to equip yourself with strong weapons including assault rifles and machine guns and be in a military gear. You’re then assumed to attack your enemy land carrying lethal combat missions out.

Face Distinct Enemies

Become Involved in Missions that were Numerous.
Remove all the hostile forces involved until peace returns in the world in the missions.

Carry out guerilla fight to remove any terror dangers. Additionally, you will encounter Mediterranean isles, where it is possible to start recon missions to kill the enemies.

Some of your enemies will use cars attempt to kill you and to shield themselves. Pursue them in a strong vehicle and shoot at them. You can even use chopper missions that are dangerous to assault your enemies from atmosphere.kill shot bravo hack for android

You may also attempt to apply violation missions remove the occupants and to enter buildings. Go through more places neutralizing their risks and hunting and killing your enemies. Gather as numerous sniper classic points as possible to level up and get exposed to new risks.

Test your abilities and understand how more powerful you’re in FPSs. Your target in PvP matches will be to take your opponent down before you are finished by them.

Be directed by your heat meter. Enter your rival land, uncover them and gun them down.

Join Coalitions with Other Players.

You may not be unable to finish high risk assignments when fighting as a group. No enemy getaways by using well- assignments that are carried through.

Kill Shot Bravo comes with a Complete Chat function allowing you and other players communicate. While carrying out the assignments, you are going to use the chat function to request help and do other coordination jobs.

Get Bonuses and Prizes and Update your Weapon.

When you finish quests and accomplishments most prizes are won. Other perks are accessible when you customize your avatar. Use the bonuses to get new weapons and equipment, including uniform, boots, gloves, facemasks, goggles and helmets.

Download and install the Kill Shot Bravo Hack tool on notebook or your desktop computer. Love the game on a broader display at the comfort of your office or home.

The 5 “Best” Alternatives to Google Reader

Damn it, Google!  Why are you killing off Reader?  As a feed reader, its beauty was in its simplicity.  I could skim through hundreds of articles in a matter of minutes, marking the ones I was interested in and then, in one touch, clear away the rest.  It is, far and away, the best feed reader available.

Trying to make the best of a bad situation, I auditioned several new feed readers, hoping I could find a worthy replacement.   Apparently, it is more difficult to make a simple feed reader then I imagined.

Many feed readers have gone the way of magazine style readers like Currents and Flipboard.  They are beautiful to look at, but they are lousy for churning through tons of articles quickly.

To replace my Google Reader, the reader needs to be easy to use, provide a desktop and mobile version, and provide  the ability to quickly skim through hundreds of articles in just a few minutes.  These are my “top” 5:



Looking similar to Google Plus, each article is displayed on a white card with a large picture and the article headline and summary underneath.  Bloglovin’s pictures are too large, allowing only two articles per page, leading to an excessive amount of scrolling when trying to skim through many articles.

Bloglovin also lacks the ability to customize your experience.  There is no setting for a condensed view, meaning you always have to deal with photographs and their summaries. The feeds are listed alphabetically on the left side of the page and there is no way to organize your feeds into larger category folders.  So, I can’t take Mashable and PC World and place them in the same tech folder.  Social Network sharing is limited only to Facebook. I found the entire experience frustrating and time consuming.


The mobile app has thumbnails, headlines and summaries for every article. There aren’t any options for customizing the layout.  It was just slightly less frustrating then the website.




Newsblur has a really nice layout, divided into three frames. The left hand column displays your feeds in caregory folders. The top frame lists the articles by headline. The bottom frame is the photo with article summary. It is a very usable layout, and I loved that I could scan articles quickly by headline. You can also organize your streams into folders. Sharing can only be done via Facebook and Twitter.

The biggest issue with Newsblur is that it is not free. There is a free version offered, but it does not allow you to read headlines by folder. You’ll need to pay $24 per year to have that feature, which I was almost willing to do, until I found the number one reader on this list.


Maybe, it’s just my old blind eyes, but I found the tiny text made this mobile app completely unusable for me. Which was a big disappoint, since I liked the desktop page so much. It is well organized and easy to scroll through, but if I can’t read it without squinting myself into a head ache, none of that does me any good.



Pulse takes a more visual approach to delivering your feeds.  It provides headlines laid out in a grid, with the options for three different layouts;  five small thumbnails per row, six, even smaller, thumbnails per row, or random sized thumbnails in a mosaic pattern. Six thumbnails per row was fairly easy to scan through, but it is very busy with all of the pictures and I found my eyes tiring after just a few minutes of scanning.  There is no option to share to Google Plus, only to Facebook and Twitter.  There is no import option on the Pulse website for Google Reader.


Pulse – The pulse mobile app is very similiar to the desktop site, using rows of thumbnails with headlines under them.  Swiping from left or right, slides the thumbnails so that you can search through the articles you want.  It does allow you to access your Google Reader feed and add those items.  I did find it faster to search articles on the mobile app, then on the desktop, but it was still more tiring on my eyes then some of the other readers.



Feedly seems to be a very popular choice since the announcement of Reader closing.  It has a clean look, but doesn’t offer many customization features. The layout has pictures on the left with an article summary to the right.  It is fairly easy to scroll through and get the information, and there is a condensed view that allows you to just scroll headlines.

While the layout is clean, I don’t find it effective.  When you click on a folder, it shows articles separated by individual feeds. I would much more prefer having all my articles listed together in date/time order.  It does offer the ability to share from G+, Facebook, and Twitter directly from the article view on the site and it imports feeds from Google Reader.  For an RSS feed reader, it’s not bad, but it is a far cry from Google Reader.


Feedly’s mobile app looks very polished.  My favorite option puts six articles on a page, along with a thumbnail and article summary.  Swiping upwards on the screen, brings up six new articles.  Swiping a little to the left marks an article as read and using a longer swipe to the left marks the whole page as read.  Swiping  from the right side of the screen, reveals the feed categories menu.   The mobile app is very easy to use, but there is still no view for just headlines.



The Old Reader has a great look very much like Google Reader with lots of white space and no extra clutter. Feeds are listed on the left hand side of the screen, and the articles appear in the stream as headlines only. The headlines are expandable to summary and then clicking on the summary will take you to the articles’ homepage. There is also a Chrome Extension that alerts me when new articles have arrived. The whole experience is very bare bones.  There are a few features that I would like to have, like the ability to put my feeds into folders and being able to share to a social network other then, just facebook.


There is no Google Play Store app, but their mobile web interface works great. It is streamlined and responsive. It has the feeds at the top followed by article headlines below that you can quickly scroll through.

It may not be the most feature laden, but Old Reader was my feed reader of choice. It was the easiest reader to skim through large amounts of articles in a short amount of time.  Both the desktop and mobile versions were simple and easy to use.

Quick Tip – Create a “Notify Me” Circle in Google Plus

We all have people we don’t want to miss posts from.  Maybe it’s your significant other, or certain family members.  Maybe you have to know exactly what +Matt McAuley is always up to  Google Plus has you covered with an option that allows you to set individual circles to notify you when people inside those circles post.

Circle Google Plus - runmi2ny

This is a handy option, but I know for myself, I don’t have a single circle that I share to that I want to be notified every time anyone in them posts.  Lets be honest, some friends and family members are just more interesting than others.  So what I did was create a circle that I have called “Notify Me.”  In my “Notify Me” circle, I currently have 12 people that I want to make sure I never miss a post from.  When one of them posts, it pops up in the red notification tab and I can check their messages without them getting lost in my stream.  This is a great solution to ensure you don’t miss an important or interesting post from the people you care about the most.


Open you other circles and click and drag the people that you would like to add into the Notify Me circle  Return to Home and select the Notify Me circle from the top of the page.  It may be in the drop down menuOn the right hand of the screen click the Settings button and the select “Get Notified About New Post”.

That’s it!  Once that’s done, you will be notified anytime one of the people in the “Notify Me” circle post.  It’s a very helpful like trick.  If you are having trouble setting up your circles, check out my “THE RIDICULOUSLY EASY GUIDE TO SETTING UP GOOGLE PLUS CIRCLES“.


More Companies Whine about Google Search Results

Am I missing something here? Didn’t Google come up with and build the Google Search engine? Aren’t they the ones that run it, maintain it, update it, and pay to operate it? Then why do other companies feel that they should have a say in how Google presents it’s results?
Google Search is a free directory that provides results for services based on a search query. Companies do not have to pay to be listed in this directory. Google offers this directory free of charge to the public. There are other directory sites on the internet to choose from such as Bing and Yahoo. Should Google be penalized because the offer a superior product. People choose to go there because they offer the user experience that they are looking for. If Google isn’t offering results that people want, then it’s as simple as typing in a different web address to go to another site.

companies - google
If I don’t offer a compelling reason for users to come to, then people aren’t going to show up. It’s my job to engage and retain my users and build my following. It is helpful that Google is around to help drive traffic to my site, but I’m not going to whine if someone finds another option more that is more useful or helpful. It just means I have to step up my game.
These companies that are whining because they can’t compete with Google provided services need to look at their offerings. I have never used Yelp. Not because they don’t show up high in the search results in Google, but because I tried them out and didn’t care for their page layouts or find their offered services useful. I do however use Travelocity over any other travel site because they have provided the best overall user experience for my travel needs.
What do you think? Do you feel that other companies should be able to dictate how Google presents their results? Let us know in the comments below.

Google will tweak search results in deal to end EU investigation (via The Inquirer)

INTERNET SEARCH GIANT Google reportedly has reached a deal with European Union (EU) regulators regarding its so-called anticompetitive search practices. The European Commission (EC) has been investigating Google’s alleged “anticompetitive” internet search service since 2010, after a number of companies…

Tearaway Review: The Creativity

Tearaway Review: The Creativity

From Media Molecule, the studio behind Little Big Plannet comes Tearaway, a colorful, paper mache styled platformer that utilizes most if not all of the PlayStation Vita’s features, yes including the PS Vita camera. If you are looking for something to play on the Vita, this game is worth giving a shot.My face posted as a research subject in the game.I wouldn’t say there’s too much of a story but basically you’re playing as a messenger  while you (yes you, the person reading this review) are also being portrayed as the sun (as you’re holding the your PlayStation Vita, your face will appear as it is in cutscenes that feature the sun) and the goal of the messenger is is to deliver itself to the sun.


Along the way, you do encounter scraps, which serve as the enemies of the game, characters to talk to, help out, and even a pig to ride along through one of the levels. Nothing very complex about the story at all but very much enjoyable.The gameplay is mostly straight forward: just get through the level and onto the next. At first you don’t start off with very many skills, but as the game progresses they will be unlocked (you won’t learn to jump until the second chapter). The game makes constant use of he PlayStation’s features which I’ll talk about in a second. There is a lot to do if you’re looking for more of a challenge. By taking elements from other platformers such as Spyro the Dragon, the first Jak and Daxter and such, completing stages 100 percent requires you to collect a certain number of confetti pieces scattered through the level, find hidden presents, perform certain task for various characters you come across, and more. These things aren’t a requirement unless you’re going for the platinum trophy.

Controls are  pretty simple and easy that doesn’t take any effort to learn. Just jump by pressing X, turn into a ball and roll around by holding circle (when you unlock this of course), pull out your camera by pressing triangle. Some of the controls also utilize the PS Vita’s features which I’ll talk about next.This game spews creativity in a lot of ways. From utilizing the features of the PS Vita, to the art style. Like I said at the beginning, the game is all paper mache styled. Even in small details, such as water to snowflakes the game will look as if the world is made of paper. This works well in the game as there are even segments in the game in which you can decorate and customize the messenger as well as other characters.

In chapter 5, you even design how the snowflakes that will fall as you traverse a snowy mountain. Throughout the game you’ll encounter panels that act as jump pads when you tap the back touch pad on your PS Vita, and also when you see objects that have finger print marks in the game, it indicates that you have to touch said object on the Vita’s touchscreen to progress. A lot of these features will be used for puzzle solving and platforming at certain points. Nevertheless you’ll still likely enjoy the creativity that the game has to offer.By using the confetti pieces you collect along the way you can use them to buy parts for more customization optionsReally the only flaw of this game is that it maybe short as there are only 14 stages in the game. Nevertheless Tearaway is a fun, creative and enjoyable platformer which I would highly recommend for anyone who either likes platformers, owns a PS Vita, or likes to see creativity in games rather than playing some gray-tinted military shooters. I think it would be neat to see if Media Molecule could do an adaption for the PS4 in the future.

Super Smash Bros. 4 Demo Impressions

Super Smash Bros. 4 Demo Impressions

Since yesterday was the only other day to check out Smash-Fest that Best Buy was having, and since I’m a big fan of the series, you know I had to check it out for myself. I’ve got to say, it took a little adapting to (especially for the 3DS), but after getting the hang of it, it’s pretty solid, from what I’ve played. I didn’t get to play as much of the Wii U version as I hoped but here’s what I think about both versions of Smash Bros. 4.A couple of kids in front of me playing the 3DS demo.Right before I got to play the Wii U version of Smash Bros., I was able to play Smash Run on the 3DS version. you may already know what Smash Run is by now, if you’ve been following every bit of news concerning Smash Bros.

super smash bros

It’s pretty much more like Adventure mode from Melee, except the goal is to defeat enemies and collect the stickers that they drop, which boost your characters’ abilities when it’s time to battle.The controls felt a little confusing at first due to the fact that I was playing on the 3DS. I found myself pressing the A button to jump, and it takes more effort in using your Smash Attacks, (over + A) seeing as though you don’t have an extra analog stick. It took some adapting to, but I was able to get used to it. After Smash Run was over, I was placed into battle against computer players, (don’t ask me what difficulty they were on) and I’d like to say I did pretty good.I know, I should’ve gotten a better shot at this.

Now, when it was time for me to play on the Wii U, the Wii U pro-controllers were used, so as you can imagine, I had to adapt to that too. Fortunately, I’m already somewhat used to using the Wii Classic controller, so the slightly re-assigned buttons ( A, B, X, Y) weren’t too much of a problem for me, however, I did have to get used to the right analog stick being above the buttons, and holding the Wii U pro-controller. Smash Bros. 4 itself felt a little weird at first, probably due to the fact that it was my very first time playing, but after I got used to it, it felt somewhere in between Brawl and Melee, but it was overall the same.

Unfortunately, matches were only 2 minute timed matches so there really isn’t too much I can tell you about Final Smashes, new items or if the game had any glitches or not.I’m pretty sure we won’t have to adapt to much when the Wii U version comes out but those of you who are planning to pick up the 3DS version which comes out October 3rd, might have to get used to it.On a related note, fellow Couch Jockey member Big Cheese went to his local Best Buy for Smash-Fest and took a few pictures of his own, which you can see below.